what do you look for in a client?

there are three important factors when choosing our clients

  • location (southern california only)

  • production in the last twelve months

  • desire to grow

when can i apply to work with you guys?

we select new clients every two months. the reason why we do this is to meet and get to know each new cohort of clients we get every two month. we make sure they understand our system and how everything works. below is a list of application window dates.

  • January 21-31st

  • march 21-31st

  • may 21st-31st

  • june 20-30th

  • august 21st-31st

  • september 20-30th

  • november 20-30th

    we accept a different amount of clients during each window to allow us to provide the best service possible. it is important to note that after each application window the price increases

do you offer any side work that is not in a monthly package?

unfortunately not at this time.